• Brand & seriousness

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Bet3000 has been a well-known provider in the area of ​​betting on the Internet for several years. The provider Bet3000 already went online in 2009, but at the same time has even more experience, even decades of experience, since founder Simon Springer opened his first betting shops in 1970 with horse racing. This makes the provider one of the longest-standing service providers in this segment.

Bet3000 is licensed by the Maltese MGA, which is known for its strict standards with regard to online casinos and betting providers, since these licenses are based on many conditions. In addition, the provider also has an official TÜV certification, which is not often seen in this form.

In the course of time, the provider became known primarily for its very aggressive, very good betting odds, some of which can no longer be compared with those of the competition. These particularly good odds apply especially at larger events and popular competitions than usual with this provider. In this form, this represents an absolute unique selling point, which apparently remains reserved for the provider Bet3000 .

  • Choice & variety

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In the past, the Bet3000 portfolio has expanded significantly and now covers a wide variety of sports. In addition to the classic football leagues, which of course include the top leagues from Spain, England, France, Germany and Italy, you can also bet on many other sports at Bet3000 . For example, you can bet on water polo, darts or motorsport. The offer is expanded by smaller niches such as futsal indoor soccer. The provider also offers event-specific bets that are always based on current events. For example, you can even bet on who will leave the jungle camp next.

As is no longer uncommon for today, the betting provider Bet3000 offers classic betting as well as some other additional options for gambling. In addition to the large selection of sports and live bets, there are also various slots in the online casino area on the Bet3000 platform.

  • Usability & structure

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The Bet3000 website is limited to the essentials, betting. The website itself looks very classic and tidy, which favors quick navigation. A modern design suffers as a result, but this has the main advantage of immediately finding everything you are looking for. Basically, the complete structure of the platform is divided into 4 tabs, of which the first two are dedicated to the betting variety of the provider, the sports and live betting. The third menu item deals with the online casino possibilities of Bet3000 , while the fourth refers to the in-house app for iOS and Android.

Due to the very bright and clear design of the homepage you can find everything you are looking for at first glance. Using another navigation menu on the left side of the website, you click through the individual sports offered and immediately receive the relevant betting content.

  • Deposit & withdrawal

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Regarding the deposit options, there should be something for most of them, after all, Bet3000 offers the very commendable method of paying with PayPal , also the options via Visa, Mastercard, paysafecard, Skrill, Sofortüberweisung (Klarna) and bank transfer. All of the payment methods offered are completely free of charge.

However, there are only two methods of paying out. However, these would be PayPal and bank transfer, which is why those two should actually be enough.

  • Contact options

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If there are any questions or various problems, you can contact the Bet3000 team using a support form. As an alternative to this, the communication channel is also offered by email. There is also a specially created help page on which the most common questions are listed and dealt with.


Bet odds madness at Bet3000


If you had to highlight a point in Bet3000 , then it would definitely be the very good betting odds. In contrast to the competition, these are a real highlight and should definitely not be neglected when choosing the right betting provider. Those excellent odds can be found especially in the spotlight on competitions and events, which is why they are particularly popular.

Powerkombis odds hits


Another special treat that Bet3000 has in store for its customers is the so-called power combination. With this form of betting, the provider puts together pre-configured combinations, the power combinations, which the player can then access and bet on. The betting combinations from Bet3000 receive an additional combination odds boost of up to an incredible 20%. These power combo bets can then be combined with other conventional bets as you wish. Definitely another very interesting highlight from this betting provider.

The live betting pioneer


What few people know: Bet3000 was one of the first providers to introduce zero-level bets. This means that in the event of a bet, it is assumed that the result at the beginning, at the end of a bet, always starts at 0: 0, which means that tension can be guaranteed until the end, which enables various other betting mechanisms.


Cashout & partial cashout


In addition to the arguments already mentioned for Bet3000 , we were able to discuss another pro. This deals with the possibility of cashout and even partial cashout bets. In live betting, you can not only often use the cashout function to bring your money to safety or minimize your loss, but you can even determine your own risk using a partial cashout. The provider also offers the form of cashout bets even for system or multi-way bets. This is possible even for bets that are not offered as live bets. In addition, according to the current state of knowledge, there is no maximum limit for the cashout function.

-> Conclusion & résumé

O unbeatable betting odds
(with the best betting odds on the market)

O power combinations & partial casout function
(own Bet3000 specials for even higher winnings)

O Live betting with zero level function
(Bet3000 is considered a pioneer of zero-bet)

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