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As soon as someone knows a little bit more about online casinos and slots, the first fundamental considerations begin with how to get the best and most likely chance of winning which slot and which provider. For some, frequent profits are more important, for others, in turn, the amount of the individual, perhaps less frequent, profits. But which is the best online casino with a high payout rate?


In order to arrive at an argument based on arguments, one must of course first take a look at the slot selection of the respective online casino operator. Then you look at the respective odds of all corresponding slots offered by the provider and calculate a percentage average based on them. Voila! You already have the payout rate of the online casino, which already has a high degree of meaningfulness. In general, it can be said that the payout rate in the range of 95% - 98% can be classified as quite solid. Of course, this key figure is particularly interesting for those who want to gamble through the full slot selection of an online casino. For those who already have their fixed slots where they play or just want to limit themselves to slots that have such a high payout rate, the general average index of a casino is not entirely in the focus of their own interest.

Which casino offers the best payout rate?

It is of course difficult to generalize, especially in fast-moving times like these, especially on the Internet. Finally, new online slots open up the light of day every day and the respective providers are continuously expanding their range of slot machine games. Therefore, such key figures can only be viewed from the current point of view, which may look different tomorrow. According to our current assessment, Mr Green is at approximately 97% with the nose quite far ahead thanks to his sometimes very good slots in terms of the payout rate. In addition, the factor of the payout speed, which is not entirely insignificant for many players, would then also be. Because here, too, Mr Green is very far ahead, judging by many experiences, the provider is even at the top when it comes to extremely fast payouts. So one can say that Mr Green is a good address when it comes to high payout rates, combined with the high speed of payments, definitely a very good choice.

-> very serious & well-known brand
-> modern & clear website
-> large selection of slots
-> IGA Award for best online casino (2019)
-> Gaming license from Malta (MGA)
-> promotions & bonuses for existing customers
-> mobile app for iOS & Android
-> great customer service via live chat, mail
-> (contact form) or by phone
-> for Austria: bets also possible
-> large selection of tournaments
-> great new customer offer

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