Why online casinos?



-> are stationary


Classic casinos are location-bound, which means that you only have to travel one, maybe even a long time, each time. Sometimes it happens that casinos are outside or at the other end of a city. In addition to the time spent, there are also the high costs of petrol and diesel.

-> knitted opening times


In addition to the fixed location, there are also limited opening hours to be observed. Depending on the casino, they can look completely different. For some this may be a less important factor, for others who want to try their luck more spontaneously, it is a hurdle.

-> limited selection

Unlike online casinos, traditional variants of gambling are limited by slot machines and poker tables. No matter how big the casino may be, the immense selection and the almost endless possibilities of an online casino simply cannot be achieved. In addition, new games and services are constantly being added.


-> Compulsion to consume

If you linger a little longer in the casino, you can get hungry sometimes. Unfortunately, this is often not a very good idea in a casino, because the buffets are not always the cheapest.

-> loud, very many people

This point can be seen as an advantage, but also as a disadvantage. There is often a lot going on in casinos and you meet a lot of people. Some might like it because of the ambience. However, for many it is simply too loud and they feel disturbed by the crowds.

-> no overview of your own expenses

In conventional casinos there are not really many payment options on the one hand, and on the other hand you quickly lose track of how much money you have already thrown into the machine. Online, on the other hand, you can even set your own limits, or it is easier to keep track of your expenses.

-> Wait & Queue

Depending on the casino, it sometimes happens that you have to queue. Be it at the table, at a certain machine or anywhere else. Of course, this is particularly annoying when you want to use your favorite machines.


-> no free play possibility


Just go to the casino for entertainment purposes and play something with play money? Unfortunately not. This is only possible with his online cousin.


-> Clothing & convenience

Often a strict dress code applies in casinos, which means that if you are not dressed appropriately, you will not even get in. Of course, this also affects your own comfort and often your well-being.

-> anytime and anywhere

With online casinos you not only have the advantage that you can play on any computer at any time of the day or night, no, many online casinos now even offer the option of using an app on your smartphone, the individual games or bets, depending on the provider to play and place.

-> large selection

Online casinos offer an incredible amount of gambling these days. Whether roulette or slot machines, from live casino poker to many more. And new games and areas of application are added regularly! There is also often the possibility to bet.

-> Bonus offers

One of the advantages of online casinos and online betting providers are the bonuses! There are special offers and offers for almost all celebrations. In addition, there are often specials or deposit bonuses. The most attractive are usually the new customer bonuses! Here you can find out where you can get a particularly good bonus.

-> No tip

Incidentally, however, there is often a tip in real casinos, for example roulette at the table. However, since there are usually no croupiers online, you are not required to tip anyone.


-> Faster game

In contrast to the usual casino, you don't have to insert each coin individually or wait for the cards to be played out in poker. You can even try out several online machines within a few seconds or directly set that 10, 20 or even 30 rounds are played automatically.


-> 24/7 support

Another serious advantage that the online casino offers is support. Here you have the opportunity to get in touch with someone at any time if you have any questions. Mostly live chats or the like are offered for this, which can provide immediate help within a very short time.

-> real feel

The countless games and live casino offers also give you that casino feeling online. So you can sit at the same table with several people online, with real dealers.

- > Play for entertainment without real money

In contrast to normal casinos, online you often have the option of only playing any machines for entertainment, and completely free of charge.

-> Play in any outfit of your choice


Whether this is an important factor for you or not is up to you, but at the online casino it doesn't matter how you are dressed. Whether in jogging pants at breakfast or without torso in midsummer.

In summary, it can basically be said that online casinos have an advantage over the conventional, stationary casino in almost every respect. It's about the selection, the opening times, the overview of your own finances or the fact that you can access it anytime and anywhere. In addition, you save travel and planning. The only advantages that in our opinion only a stationary casino can offer in the form, offers the flair and a corresponding ambience. On the other hand, if you place less value on this, and generally prefer it to be quieter and less hectic, the choice would again be clear at the online casino.

If you should now feel like testing an online casino yourself, we can recommend Mr. Green at this point. In addition to the very clear menu navigation and modern design, this provider also offers you the option of sports betting. You are also welcome to read our test report on Mr Green.


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