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What would slots in online casinos be without free spins? Sure, you can not always look forward to a high yield of free spins, yes, some slots even do without them entirely, but free spins are still one of the most popular and desirable forms of winnings that can be earned in online slots. Why ? Because you can win rounds by rounds, often with high duplicators, by combining them over a variety of spins without any effort. If additional bonus rounds can then be earned during the free spins and the resulting winnings skyrocket round by round with additional duplicators, the winnings sometimes seem to have no limits at all. It should come as no surprise, therefore, that most slot machine players can hardly wait to get a large number of free spins.

What are free spins?

The so-called free spins are a form of spins, also known as spins, which can be earned on slots that do not require any use. So these are free spins on online slots. These bonus spins can either be earned in the corresponding slots in-game, or can also be distributed via various advertising campaigns. The number of free spins can vary greatly from slot to slot. With certain new customer offers, there are even up to 200 free spins, as is currently the case with Mr Green .


You can find out which slots offer a particularly large number of free spins in our current list of tested slots .

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