8 recommendations for the correct handling of betting and gambling

For many people, the idea of getting rich quickly with the help of sports betting or various games of chance and lotteries, or at least generating a nice extra income, may be very tempting. But there should be one thing above all, be careful! Because neither gambling nor betting should serve as the main source of income, nor should one rely on its positive outcome. So never bet money that you don't have or that you are not willing to lose. Sports betting and gambling are primarily for entertainment and cannot replace a job. On our website we provide tips, tricks and strategies that can help you to be more successful than before. This may or may not be. It is and remains a game of chance and you can never rely on it. Therefore, we have put together 8 things for you that you should consider before you try betting or gambling.


Entertainment bets

As mentioned at the beginning, gambling cannot replace employment. So be aware that you should consider any form of gambling to be entertainment only. Never expect in advance to get your bet back guaranteed.


Sensible handling

Pay attention to your expenses and never lose track. It can often happen very quickly and you gambled more money than you actually wanted. So keep an overview of how much you want to spend. Set a limit before that.



Do not spend money that you are not ready to lose. Money that you use for betting or an online casino should not be money that you actually need for your bills or daily expenses. Use only the money that was intended for your leisure activities. Also note that you only spend as much money as it suits your financial situation and is appropriate.


No compensation principle

Many people tend to want to make up for previous losses simply by playing higher bets on them. But that can backfire very quickly. So don't play with higher stakes just to get past losses back.


Good shape

Especially in bad times or in negative emotional states, the thought of gambling can arise. However, never play when you are depressed, stressed, or feeling sad. Pay attention to your current mental state! You should also never play under the influence of alcohol.


Everyday life & leisure

Don't let gambling dominate your everyday life. Make sure your time is balanced in your free time and don't spend all the time placing bets. Ensure a balanced relationship in your free time.


forget the time

Similar to spending, you can quickly lose track of time. To prevent this from happening, make sure that you do not exceed a time period that you have already set.


Needs & worries

Betting or other forms of gambling, such as online casinos, should never be used if this arises from one or more needs and concerns. Gambling should only serve as a leisure activity that is conducive to entertainment and should not be seen as the foundation of any wealth accumulation.


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