• Brand & seriousness

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Mr Green has become one of the best known and most popular gaming providers in the past few years. His famous and entertaining commercials of recent years, which are also very welcome, are particularly iconic. Just through his own jingle, which still whizzes through our heads as soon as we think of Mr Green , he has created a USP, a unique selling point and recognition value, on the Internet. But how good is this online casino and its betting options compared to the competition? We at wettbet.net tell you: very good! You can find out why this is the case and why Mr Green is perhaps the right provider for you in our detailed report!

It doesn't take a lot of words about the seriousness of the provider, after all, it is one of the best-known providers. There is hardly anyone who has ever looked closely at betting or online casinos, who has nothing to do with Mr Green or who has never heard of him. Mr Green is licensed and regulated by the MGA, the Maltese gaming authority. In addition to its flawless licensing, Mr Green has also received numerous awards, such as in 2014 and 2015, when the online casino was declared the online casino of the year with the IGA award. In addition, the popular gaming provider from Stockholm also received the IGA award for best online live casino of the year in 2019.

  • Choice & variety

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The provider Mr Green scores right at the start with regard to the selection and variety of the games on offer. The possibilities are wide, be it bets (bets have unfortunately not been possible in Germany since January 13 due to a change in the law), live poker, slot machines, table games or even tournaments. With Mr Green, the possibilities are endless. There should hardly be anyone for whom Mr Green has nothing. As expected, the provider offers the largest range of slots, which are known to be extremely popular with the general public. But classics like blackjack or roulette are definitely not neglected at Mr Green . So much can be said about the gaming manufacturers that even IGT has found its way back to Mr Green in German-speaking countries, in addition to other well-known and established game manufacturers, including NetEnt, microgaming or thunderkick.

If you take the live casino closer to your chest, you come to the conclusion that Mr Green has one of the most extensive live casinos in Europe. The already mentioned award for the best Live Casino 2019 is not surprising. In addition to classic roulette, games also expect many Mr Green exclusive tables.

  • Usability & structure

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First, let’s take a closer look at Mr Green’s ease of use. Right from the start, we see that the website strives for a modern and clear design. The dominant brand colors green and white, which flow through the entire website, are particularly memorable right from the start. By navigating on the left side and at the top of the screen (which may or may not appear depending on casino content or bets), you can navigate through the countless offered contents. In the top right corner of Mr Green you can also see your current balance at any time. The notification center is located right next to it, which continuously provides information about new special offers. Here you will not only be regularly informed about Christmas specials or special bets, but you will also often be made aware of various promotions for free free spins and more. A position further to the right then gives you the option of making numerous settings. There, among other things, you can manage your profile or make any deposits directly. With menu items such as "active offers", "deposit limits" and an overview of your current balance, broken down into real money and bonus credit, you can find pretty much everything that you might need or need in this menu at a glance.

  • Deposit & withdrawal

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There are several ways to make deposits at Mr Green. These include credit card, Paysafecard, Neteller, Skrill or Sofort Überweisung. Fees are only payable via a Paysafecard. Withdrawals can be made from as little as € 30, deposits from as little as € 10. In order to achieve the greatest possible benefit, one should also take note of the conditions of the always different welcome offers, in which the first deposit is often doubled under certain conditions.

  • Contact options

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Mr Green gets the full number of points from the number and possibilities of customer service. In contrast to most other providers, Mr Green not only offers the possibility to reach them via Live Chat & E-Mail (contact form), but also offers to reach the provider by phone. This can be reached daily from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. All options for contacting Mr Green customer service are completely free.


Betting odds & cash out (no bets in Germany)


If you take a closer look at the provider, you quickly come to the conclusion that the provider's betting odds are quite impressive. Compared to other providers, they keep up exceptionally well and often convince even the highest. Mr Green also offers the popular Cash Out option. Foreseeable losses in any sports betting can often be reduced or even concluded with a small to large profit, depending on the bet (s).

Brand and fame


The betting and gambling provider is comparatively short when you compare it with the large sizes of the business, such as bet365, which has been around for example since 2000. This should also be one of the few reasons why Mr Green is not yet one of the largest providers. However, that did not prevent the brand around Mr Green from growing in popularity and popularity in recent years. Not only thanks to his strong marketing offensive through various advertising sports on television and on the Internet. His iconic figure around the green man with a hat became cult and the sound of the jingle contributed to the fact that Mr Green is now catching up. If Mr Green's growth should continue similarly until now, the provider should work its way to the top elite of the online casinos with the highest sales.

Mr Green Jackpot bets (no bets in Germany)


Another "delicacy" that Mr Green offers is the fact that it not only offers all conventional and valued forms of betting, but also its own so-called jackpot bets. These jackpot bets have multiple Mr Green games that you can bet on. Here you have the opportunity to get the right amount of money with very little effort. For example, you can bet on the outcome of 6 games with a stake of just € 2. If this happens then, an incredible € 1 million is waiting for you. If you want to increase your chances, which are rather small at first, the provider also offers you the opportunity to play several rows, i.e. you bet more than one possible result for a game, with the stake being increased accordingly. There are several options here regarding bet and rows to be played. In addition, several jackpot bets are offered with different matches per game day.

-> Conclusion & résumé

O very extensive range
(Slots, live casino, blackjack, roulette, ...)

O extremely reputable & well-known brand
(one of the best known and most popular providers)

O ongoing bonus offers & extras
(current offers & extras for existing customers)

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Due to new, temporary regulations in Germany, live casino and table games will temporarily not be available at numerous online casino providers from October 15, 2020!